What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki treatments usually last around an hour, but they can be longer (or shorter) according to your needs. During a treatment the recipient generally lies on a massage table, but it's also possible to give a Reiki treatment in a chair if that's more comfortable for you. I will place my hands lightly on, or slightly above, your clothed body. There are about a dozen standard hand positions, but if an area of concern is detected, the hands are held there until the energy flow stops. Reiki energy is incredibly relaxing, and it's not at all unusual for someone to fall asleep during a treatment. You may also experience flashes of emotions or even dream-like visions. Anything is possible, and it's best to go into a treatment with no expectations. After a treatment you may feel a little "spacey" for a few minutes. You'll be encouraged to drink some water or tea while you ease back into reality. Occasionally during a treatment I'll get flashes of insights or visions. Before we start, I'll ask if you want me to share anything that comes up with you.