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Reiki Master Joni Alm

Joni was raised with her four sisters in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a strong and gifted Empath. Although highly empathic, her gifts were stifled in conservative Utah.

In 1989 Joni moved to New Mexico with her high school sweetheart, and husband of 39 years and counting. Once relocated, she was exposed to a more open lifestyle and obtained a new sense of freedom and spiritual expression.

Mother to two small children, Joni’s opportunities to develop her psychic gifts were pushed to the back burner. It wasn’t until she was literally struck by lightning in 2008 that her psychic awareness burst forth. Even more amazing and interesting, her husband survived a lightning strike just 20 days later.

After the lightning strike, while performing her duties as an Ultrasound Tech for animals, Joni began to precognitively sense the incoming animal’s disease. She began to naturally give energy therapy to those special dogs and cats. It was the perfect time and place for Spirit to guide her into energy healing. She began training in Healing Touch and Polarity Therapy, both of which were extremely beneficial in her work with animals and as a hospice volunteer.

It was during her first Reiki class that she found the purest, cleanest connection to Spirit/Source energy. Joni began to create a deep connection to ravens, which constantly circled overhead. The Raven energy resonated with her very powerfully, representing healing, creation and the activation of healing light. The Raven message is one of how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring out the light of our true higher self. The Raven carries the deepest power of healing we can possess. Joni has been blessed by the Raven.

Joni completed her training as an Usui Reiki Master in May, 2010. In 2010 she began preparing flower essence formulas. She now treats clients in her studio in Eldorado, NM. For those who need, she is available for in-person hands-on healing within the Santa Fe area. Joni also provides distance Reiki healing for those unable to travel. Contact Joni to set up a healing session.