Flower Essences


Due to ongoing family responsibilities, Ravenworks Reiki will no longer be shipping flower essences or offering energy healing. However, descriptions will remain online for your information and convenience.

Additionally, I am linking an article to give you information on how to prepare your own flower essences. I'll leave the flower descriptions below to assist anyone interested in pursuing this rewarding experience.


Descriptions of Flower Essences

AFRICAN VIOLET: Lends mindfulness, self-acceptance, high self-esteem, and nurturing and love from the soul. Enhances one's trust in surprises, unexpected positive outcomes and success.For accessing higher states of consciousness, tapping into and becoming one with the Universal mind. A powerful crown Chakra opener and balancer. As a remedy of infinite tenderness, it touches a cord within the spirit to release nurturing and love from the soul and Higher Self.

ALPINE FORGET-ME-NOT: Reminds us that we are part of a loving universe, that we have always been loved and that we always will be. It is an essence that connects us therefore with Divine or Spiritual love: heightened, infinite, beyond the needs of ego, personality, and what we might term ‘human’ love. Teaches us not to forget to receive Divine Love and to let it become a reality in our lives. It particularly helps us to still feel the warm presence in our hearts of loved ones who have died or whom we do not have contact with. Love never dies — it cannot; the very nature of it is eternal. Opening to this enables us to experience it much more tangibly and have it permeate all we live and be. Gives comfort through dreams by opening direct or indirect contact with these beings in another dimension. It comforts because we realize the true, immortal, and spiritual human nature through these contacts.

ALPINE LILY (Lloydia serotina): Alpine Lily flower essence promotes acceptance of one's femininity. It helps individuals become more deeply grounded. Enriches the experience of the spirit being housed in a female body. This essence is primarily used in the treatment of women but can also help men get in touch with their feminine aspects. Patterns of imbalance: Overly abstract sense of femininity; disembodied, alienation from or rejection of female organs as "lower".

AMARYLLIS [T] Hippeastrum equestre (red)

Body: Vitality. Impacts abdominal organs, especially pancreas; assists detox of appendix, tonsils; cleanses mucous lining of lower bowel. Detoxes energy body through clarifying and releasing disjointed energies. Empowers throat Chakra.

Psyche: Stabilizes erratic behavior and energy levels; clarifies and balances the emotional body. Brings grace in movement, receptivity in communication. Can be used to perfect the art of meditation - brings calmness and stillness, helping one to go within. Supports the wisdom of the body. Red amaryllis flower essence is a wonderful treasure for these challenging and ever-accelerating times! This flower essence is associated with very powerful electrical support during times of spiritual/energetic/psychic/emotional transitions. The red healing ray illuminates all passageways of an immanent root Chakra.

APACHE PLUME: Strengthens and consolidates different elements of the astral body. Particularly helpful for conscious out-of-the-body experiences, astral travel or lucid dreaming. Great if you do service work during dreamtime. Also, this helps to prepare the astral body for the physical death transition.

ARUGULA: Focuses energy into the process of any journey or undertaking. Enhances expression of the purity of the Christ Light in chaos: when we hold fast to Light, simplicity, and harmony, we become our own lighthouse beacons. Focuses will and concentration on Spirit and Light while serving in chaotic, spiritually disguised or depressed situations; allows the psyche to connect in with Soul, bringing Light to the heart. Helpful for those in spiritual responsibility, that they may not falter through their difficulties.

ASPEN: For feelings of general anxiety and fear, especially vague fears or those of an unknown nature. Useful in dream interpretation. Helpful in understanding the reason for nightmares and thus to process them and break the cycle.

BABY'S BREATH: Helpful birthing essence that can give emotional and spiritual support to the laboring mom in her hours of pre-labor and labor. It is also a good remedy for anyone experiencing separation issues such as empty nest syndrome, or losses through death or abandonment. Also complements breathwork therapies. Good for someone in the midst of a difficult situation – can help one to get through the hard times by focusing on the rewards of the outcome. Not only will you see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you'll assist in its manifestation.

BEARD TONGUE PENSTEMON: Positive qualities: Great inner fortitude despite outer hardships; perseverance.

Patterns of imbalance: Feeling persecuted or sorry for oneself; inability to bear life's difficult circumstances.

BEGONIA: The Begonia is considered to be a powerful healing heart tonic. Helps change the unbalanced thoughts in the subconscious mind that have led to negative conditions or situations. An essence to help animals process and release negative emotional “garbage” that they pick up from the environment, and from people.

BLACKBERRY: Positive qualities: Exuberant manifestation in the world; clearly directed forces of will, decisive action. Patterns of imbalance: Inability to translate goals and ideals into concrete action or viable activities. Blackberry flower essence is for getting 'unstuck' - whether it's a job or a relationship one feels stuck in, the flower essence blackberry supports the effort to disentangle oneself from the situation. Blackberry tunes the rhythmic processes of the body to God's rhythm. It is particularly helpful for people working to adjust their vibrational rate to the rapidly accelerating vibrational rate of the planet. This could be a good essence to take when traveling, to attune to new situations & time zones.

BLUE FLAX (Linum lewisii): “Know Thyself.” Promotes good mental hygiene, discernment and intellectual flexibility. Gentle assertion, compassion, and harmony. Blue Flax is grounding and can be used to recognize inner strengths. It helps create a balance with the seasons and life cycles. Releases fixations, rigid attitudes, tantrums, inappropriate use of will. Brings clarity, centering, integrity of self, discernment to what is highest option; releases harsh attitudes that create strife among family, friends.

BORAGE: Good for the heart, the circulatory system, and grief or depression. Opens the heart to courage and spiritual purity. Helps one to rise above discouragement and depression and to fill with fresh forces of optimism, light and enthusiasm. Excellent when the soul needs to be uplifted and encouraged.

CALIFORNIA POPPY (Eschscholzia californica): Positive qualities: Finding spirituality within one's heart; balancing light and love; developing an inner center of knowing.

Patterns of imbalance: Seeking outside oneself for false forms of light or higher consciousness, especially through escapism or addiction.

Works in the solar plexus Chakra promoting emotional, spiritual and psychic balance. Helps the assimilation of gold. Issues treated by California Poppy essence include addictions, cult brainwashing, and gullibility.

CANNABIS: Useful for Shamanic journeys; brings clarity and order to journeys between dimensions. Assists in kundalini awakening. Strengthens kidney and lung meridians, increases chi, and helps assimilate nutrients connected to building red blood cells. May be helpful for headaches (especially sinus) and migraines.

CATMINT: Helps to align the heart and throat chakras. Releases stress and irrational fear. For uncovering the truth about something, good for finding things and for healers seeking to understand their clients.

CATNIP: Catnip helps humans – and animals – work with integration. Allows for unique transformation. Soothes, calms, cleanses. It is a gentle nervine and can be used successfully for conditions such as sleeplessness, nightmares, teething and colic. It reduces nervous tension and headaches while invoking a state of calmness.

CHAMISA: Can “overdye” a bad situation or behavior, as in painting over a problem. It is always best to resolve issues by going to the root of them; however, when you need a “quick fix” to carry you through until you have the time and energy, this essence can help mask the problem and allow you to temporarily ignore it. Recommended for short-term use only!

CHOLLA CACTUS: helps us leap to a new perspective when we struggle with an issue and insist upon defining it in such a way as to block its resolution. Allows an expansion of the mind and an attitudinal shift which can embrace an apparent duality, bringing greater integration within ourselves. Helps us communicate our limits with humor and ease, especially if we get caught up in other people's needs or expectations. It is wonderful support when we have too many demands upon us and feel overextended.

CLARET CUP HEDGEHOG CACTUS:Clarity and focus are the key words for this hedgehog cactus. This is an excellent essence for manifestation, meditation or any situation requiring mental steadiness and acuity. An essence to facilitate clear, sharp focus in one direction or on one subject; energy focused in directions that support the upward spiral of life; metering out your energy with discrimination; relieves mind clutter so the focus is direct and to the point. Another essence to help pets during training, this essence supports focus and attention span.

CLIVIA LILY: For uncontrollable anxiety or worry about the safety or wellbeing of others. Helps to quell excessive thoughts about impending disaster. Allowing negative thoughts to run rampant can completely destroy our immune systems. Clivia helps to calm the inner anxiety. Especially good for new or expectant parents to help generate inner strength and trust in the expectation of the new child's safety.

CLOVER (RED OR ALPINE): For self-aware behavior, calm and steady presence, especially in emergency situations. Red Clover flower essence is a powerful cleanser and balancer. It is related to the psychic properties of the blood, where the spiritual ego of each individual resides. Infuses strong forces of self-awareness so that the individual can think in a calm and steady way, and act from his/her own center of truth. Red Clover is also used to bring protection and blessings to domestic animals.

COLUMBINE [W] (Aquilegia formosa) (red & yellow)

Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family

Psyche: "Not my will, but Thine be done." Offers a shortcut through karmic complications, to "get" the lesson without having to repeat it or remain enmeshed. Allows one to comprehend and learn from mistakes; accelerates the adventure without missing anything important of the lesson. Untangles complications brought on by excessive use of will, unconnected to wisdom centers.

Spirit: Integrates will and wisdom in one's personal path, to clarify choices; enhances the ability to examine and redefine beliefs regarding the spiritual path and one's progress thereon. See swift changes in greater wisdom, aligning one's personal will with the Tao.

COSMOS: Helpful to introverts. Tames nervous energy, slows down erratic speech pattern. Gives mental clarity to the chaotic mind. Helps those who are overwhelmed with information and have difficulty integrating it or difficulty communicating their ideas and beliefs to others. Cosmos aids the mind in organizing information so that it can be easily retrieved and expressed. People who need Cosmos often suffer from low self esteem. Their energy may seem scattered. They may suffer from ADHD.

COW PARSNIP: For the highly sensitive individual who has covered it up with being overly responsible, takes life too seriously and feels that they are responsible for everything, often with an underlying sense of insecurity. Promotes inner strength; assists with the process of adapting to a new environment; encourages peace of mind and contentment with present circumstances, even during times of intense transition and change. Assists with anxiety, accident, completion, convulsive disorder, karmic trauma, mistrust, new home, old age, soul wounding.

COYOTE MELON/BUFFALO GOURD: For emotional exhaustion. Buffalo Gourd helps us maintain a deep inner place of healing and calm while participating in external activity, to stay centered and focused even amidst stress. The keyword here is balance, knowing that "I Am the center". Buffalo Gourd doesn't stop us from experiencing our emotions but it does help us remain centered and in a state of equipoise. We find the equilibrium we need to be able to remain anchored in our own center, unaffected by other people or situations.

CUCUMBER: Cucumber is good for mild depression. Cucumber is a rebalancing essence for those who are troubled by negativism and end up withdrawing from those around them. Cucumber essence will encourage clearer perception and renew hope and vitality.

CYCLAMEN (Pink):For deep inner healing; giving and accepting nurturing, accessing universal healing energy; the Reiki flower. Pink has a very wide energy, and is a very useful essence for healing childhood deprivation, resentment, bitterness, and "poor me" feelings. For calm clear-headedness; feminine energies.

CYCLAMEN (Red):As with pink cyclamen, the red cyclamen also promotes deep inner healing; giving and accepting nurturing, accessing universal healing energy; the Reiki flower. For releasing deeply embedded, hard to shift emotions. Helps small of back, helps balance 2nd and 3rd Chakras. Allows the individual to absorb higher energies, especially the new rays currently being directed to earth, and assists with consciousness raising.

DANDELION: Helps release tension, allowing the soul to experience a more balanced flow of energy from the inner emotions to outer body functions. A good essence for over-achievers or compulsive doers to bring relaxation to their constant on-the-go activities. Dandelion Flower Essence help the body relax by releasing tension stored in the muscles.

DAYLILY: This is the essence for self worth. It helps one trust our inner knowledge and improves self-esteem. Symbolic of rebirth - helps to give an understanding of eternal life. For being in the moment, but also for being the best you can be in that moment, knowing that you cannot change things outside yourself, only yourself; and as that changes so does the world around you. Helps us see how futile it is to worry about things beyond our control and that being centered and living in the present is the way to change the future.

DESERT BROOM: The essence to use when you cannot define what is standing in the way of your desire to go after something . It is helpful when all parts of your being - your mind, heart, intention, will, etc. - are not lined up behind your desire. Resolution is the key word for this essence. At the root of the procrastination is irresolution and infirmity of purpose. Desert Broom helps us find an inner unifying force, a centered purpose, and the feeling of being gathered together. It brings us clarity and a feeling of pure resolution.

DESERT PINCUSHION: Helpful in realizing that our outer shell is just that, and that true beauty radiates from within. Allows us to see our own inner beauty and accept ourselves. Helps us experience a wonderful sense of self worth grounded in the truth that we are of equal value to all creation in an infinitely valuable universe. Especially helpful for those for whom abusive experiences have left their mark in terms of low self esteem.

DESERT ROSE: Useful for easing the sting of bitter words or even physical trauma – can be sprayed directly on the hurt area to assist in healing. Helps to release heartache. Also known as the Impala Lily, flower of wealth and prosperity.

DIANTHUS: Good for loneliness and depression. Helps to clear your heart. Allows you to see that only you can truly heal yourself and encourages you to participate in your own nurturing. Empowers you to move beyond the pain and see the beauty in the world, and thus to reconnect with others. Good liver detox; beneficial after any radiation procedures (X-rays, etc.).

FEVERFEW: For women who experience physical tension and imbalances of a cyclic nature, usually related to hormonal changes. Feverfew brings softness, calmness and an inner serenity through these times of change.

FIELD MINT: For apathy, digestion, or physical/emotional sluggishness. Provides stimulation.

FOUR O'CLOCK: Tonic and harmonizer for the body's needs. Regulates biorhythms; ebbs and flows become less pronounced. Stabilizes energetic output in those who have a tendency to burn out or overwork. Enhances the ability to rise to energetic needs of the day. Boosts activity and chi when Triple Warmer meridian is depleted.

FLEABANE: A major help when experiencing menopause; helps temper those hot flashes and many other irritants of menopause including that crawly feeling on your skin; eases the passage of menopause; strengthens the nervous system; helps rebalance masculine and feminine energies that are out of balance; gives you lots of support while going through changes in the emotional and thinking areas. Also recommended for those who suffer from deep depression and negative thought patterns. It uplifts and brings clarity, lightness, openness, cheerfulness, and a positive desire toward change.

FUCHSIA: Traditionally called "corazon corazon" or "heart heart" and historically used for depression and heartache. Helpful for when one is holding resentment, hurt or anger toward another person. It's only when we forgive and let go that we begin to heal. Helps in the letting go process by releasing emotional blocks or tensions.

GAILLARDIA: Good for increasing one's sensitivity to self and others and seeing the "big picture." Spiritually uplifting. Excellent for meditation. Enhances immune system. Helpful in cleansing and detoxing.

GARLIC: Garlic is one of the most widely-used supplements and is generally easy to grow; yet it took me two full years to get a blossom for this garlic essence! As I prepared it, I felt a phenomenal energy in my root chakra. This is amazing for grounding! It would also be good for someone who may have holes or tears in their aura, leaving them susceptible to negative entities. It is interesting to note that garlic wreaths were used to ward off perceived vampires in the 17th and 18th centuries. A garlic flower essence is actually helpful in warding off “psychic vampires” who may (oftentimes unintentionally) feed off of your energy. It will help to restore unity and health to your physical and etheric systems.

Garlic sends up a very tall stalk, which is topped with a beautiful sphere of flowers. This particular essence was made from a white garlic flower. White flowers are often associated with innocence, humility and reverence. It was prepared on the night of April 4, 2015, during the full moon and eclipse. After absorbing the full moon/eclipse energy all night, it was completed on Easter morning. With the tall stalk acting as an antenna reaching into the heavens, this essence will help you in contacting your guides and angels. It will help to open your crown chakra, while simultaneously enabling you to remain grounded – a most unusual and beneficial combination!

GERANIUM: Helpful when life seems like a dull rainy day, when even wonderful things are grey. Thought to help return the joie de vivre and wonder to life

    • Helps bring about a cheerful nature;

    • Good for children who are downcast;

    • Good for adults who are prone to worry.

Geranium works on balancing the hormones and is ideal for any such related situations. It eases the transition through menopause, promotes loving relationships and works on the meridians for a total balancing.

GOATHEAD, CALTROP OR PUNCTURE VINE (Tribulus Terrestris): General stimulator. Helps restore vigor, vitality and stamina. Regulates hormones and is good for loss of libido (men and women), PMS and menopause issues.

GOOSEBERRY: For maintaining a centered attitude amidst confusion; overcoming fear of losing control, trusting intuition, and inner guidance. Encourages you to turn inward to your deeper knowing. Supports honoring yourself as an elder/crone and the wisdom you have to draw upon. Very strong and uplifting healing agent that's often employed for forms of depression stemming from something that's been lost or sacrificed "for the greater good". Quite often people like this remedy for their pets directly after spaying or neutering.

GRAPE: Fosters a deep sense of unconditional love, patience with others' shortcomings and an open heart. Grape Flower Essence turns your gaze back onto yourself in a light-hearted and kind way, so you can discover the beauty of who you really are. It may help to clear physical problem related to liver and gallbladder. Message of Self-Mastery: Realization of the inner source of love; purity; loving without condition, demand, or expectation; patience with others’ shortcomings; flowing with the longer rhythms in relationships; healthy sexuality; for transcendence. Pattern of Disharmony: Negative emotions such as envy, greed, lust, jealousy; for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce, or death; neediness; cruelty; loneliness; feeling disconnected; feeling alienated; a noncommittal nature; vulnerability; “sour grapes” attitude.

GRAPE HYACINTH (muscari racemosum): For times of external shock, despair, stress. Grape hyacinth helps when you feel the event hit physically in your gut.

HEATHER: Heather flower essence can be helpful for those who are constantly seeking the approval of others. It may be useful for those overcoming neediness or attention seekers. It will help remove blockages that keep us stuck in our current situation, sweeping away fears and judgments. This is what is necessary for new beginnings or a “clean slate.” The heather flower symbolizes admiration and good luck, and it is also believed to have protective powers. Ancient Celts recognized that the heather flower served as a great cleansing agent and assisted in breaking up blockages. They made brooms with heather – another symbol of clearing, cleansing and manifesting purity and a fresh start. Celtic brides carried heather in their bouquets or as an adornment in their joining (wedding) ceremonies as a symbol of promise and good fortune. Heather tea has a strong cleansing effect on the body and can assist with the removal of toxins. This heather essence was made from a plant that called to me as I passed it at Trader Joe's last month. I let it “rest” on my kitchen windowsill for several weeks until it indicated that one of its blossoms was ready to become an essence.

HONEYSUCKLE: For individuals who are inclined to living in the past; are in a state of homesickness or nostalgia; have regrets yet cannot make changes because they are always looking back; feel attached to lost loved ones; to happier days, memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true, and have concerns about aging. Honeysuckle flower remedy aids one to get past regrets and move forward in their lives more freely. It is helpful for individuals dealing with separation issues such as divorce, death, empty nest, and so on. Helps the person in this state to learn from the past without needing to relive it, so that the person can progress on into the present and take joy from today and tomorrow.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH: Serves as a catalyst to get projects underway. It helps to bring your creative energies to the forefront so that your ideas can come to fruition. Restores vitality to the fatigued individual. Ignites your fire and passion. Helps light the spark of creativity, inspiration, and/or passion. Good for motivation.

JOHNNY JUMPUP (Viola Cornuta): Helps to recover vitality. Johnny is an early bloomer: he sleeps and conserves energy all winter. And, given a little springtime encouragement, he "jumps up" out of bed right into growth and flower. This storehouse of vitality is necessary when responding to trauma. If vitality is already low BEFORE the insult, then it is difficult to recover. Johnny Jumpup anticipates trauma and prepares for it. Also encourages spontaneity, playfulness.

LAMBSQUARTERS: Heals separation between the heart and mind; balances the power of the mind with the joy of the heart. For those lacking balance and harmony between the rational and the intuitive.

LARKSPUR: Desert Larkspur offers gracefulness in the ways we communicate and helps us to ease into life transitions. Enhances our power to use imagination and clarity of thought in our communication. Positive qualities:Charismatic leadership, contagious enthusiasm, joyful service Patterns of imbalance:Leadership distorted by self-aggrandizement or burdensome dutifulness; inability to motivate or inspire others

LAVENDER: Lavendar essence is a calming agent and brings lavender light into your mind and body. It lowers high-strung energies that frazzle the psyche. Sedative qualities help calm restlessness and anxieties. It helps to relieve sleeplessness, headaches, irritability, depression, indigestion, and asthma that is triggered by excessive nervousness.

LILAC: Beautiful, gentle energy! It's used to lighten up one's mood and outlook on the day. Particularly useful when one is having a difficult day. It works specifically on the spine. It has been said that lilacs are favored by angels and extra-terrestrials. In any case, lilac opens one's spiritual connection to higher realms, making communication with other dimensional beings possible; opens and balances the crown and third-eye Chakras.

MARIGOLD: Helps the body to process and release the energy that has lodged in the body (often in a specific part of the body), that was created by a process of self-judgment and self-blame for some aspect of the the traumatic event. A healing balm for the soul. Brings spiritual qualities and values into reality and allows us to express our innermost gifts to the outside world.

MILKWEED: Extracts one from emotionally complex situations and creates mental clarity, objectivity, and spiritual consciousness. There may be grief, despair, despondency, and fear of death. The Milkweed flower essence helps the soul arise from a state of passivity and dormancy (chrysalis-like) and rise on its own wings.


Positive qualities: Sparkling vital force, feeling awake and refreshed, in touch with Life.

Patterns of imbalance: Dull, toxic, or "hung over," inability to fully enter the body, especially in the morning; addictive habits. Morning Glory flower essence helps the soul come to greater awareness and respect for life and the life process of the body. The individual learns to adjust its rhythm so that it is more in tune with the cycles of Nature. Through Morning Glory, the soul learns to experience more natural states of energy, and thus the gift of life itself.

MULLEIN: Aligns the physical body with the etheric body. This creates more emotional stability and physical health, even during challenging times. Provides a combination of courage and tenderness while facing fear and overwhelm. Through Mullein the soul awakens to its inner voice and develops the capacity to listen and respond to its inner Self. Lets life energy pour in, replenishes stores, and clears away emotional and mental toxins. Helps at those times when we must wrestle with our own conscience. This remedy can be especially helpful when one must take a stand for personal truth, despite social pressure or confusing social mores. The Mullein flower assists the soul in achieving greater moral uprightness, infused with qualities of Light and Truth.

PALE INDIAN PLANTAIN: Assists in overcoming rigid, negative behavior patterns and promotes spontaneity/gentleness. Helps you to move forward, put the past behind you and start anew.

PHLOX – Alpine Meadows Combo

All phlox has the vibrational attribute of connecting us in some way to the Other Side. Moss phlox acts to bring us into a community of spiritual helpers. Woodland Phlox brings our own souls and bodies into closer connection at a higher level of consciousness. Phlox paniculata helps to connect with spiritual guides. Promotes an easier expression of free will.

PEPPERMINT: For mindful and wakeful clarity, warm metabolism balanced with cool head forces. Many people who need Peppermint flower essence have profound issues around eating and consciousness. Brings great healing and balancing energy, freeing the mind for higher thought, and helping the digestive life forces work in their proper sphere. Can enhance one's ability to dream of the future and may improve the mystical nature of one's dreams.

PLUMBAGO: For the feelings of shame that translate into low self-esteem and undeservability, for those who are apologetic about their very existence, who blame themselves and thus feel that they must subjugate themselves to the wishes and desires of others, seeking to please, allowing themselves to be bullied or easily led and influenced because they cannot trust their own judgment. It assists in putting one in touch with the integrity and strength of the true Self. Helps with trust or domination issues. According to Hawaiian lore, the essence of this flower restores love and harmony between warring family members.

POINSETTIA: For clearing dullness on emotional and spiritual levels. Brings the energies of the heart (4th Chakra) and throat (5th Chakra) closer together so that we may express what we truly feel inside. Helps us talk freely about our feelings to others. Opens first Chakra and balances all lower Chakra energy, preparing it to move upwards. For oversexed or sexually repressed people. Is excellent for beginning kundalini students.

PRICKLY PEAR: With Spineless Prickly Pear, we discover that all we need for survival is contained within us and that we don't need anything outside of us to Be. We find strength in vulnerability. For surrendering to the flow of life's events and remaining committed to what you know is right. Harmonizing Qualities: feeling deep strength in vulnerability; fostering an extremely deep sense of power that knows its purpose; helps bring a great sense of "I AM"; knowing that "I don't need anything outside of myself to BE"; recognition that whatever IS at a given moment IS your existence.

PRIMROSE: White Desert Primrose is for those who are overly influenced by what others think is right for them. It helps us see through other's projected images and ideals to realize forms of self-expression that are in harmony with our essential nature. It enhances belief in ourselves and discernment of our own unique soul pattern. Addresses the core emotional condition of not being wanted, including primal feelings of rejection from the mother or both parents while still in the womb. GOOD FOR: Toxic family cleanser essence. Cleansing ourselves regarding our family/relationships, and dealing with heart-related issues and working through them.

PURPLE BEARDID IRIS: For those who feel completely stuck/entrapped or in stasis of some kind. For people who want to break free but feel they can never be so. For obsessive/compulsive tendencies. For anyone who feels like they are trapped on the "treadmill" of life and can't get off--nor do they see how they can get off it. An excellent natural essence for a person who feels toxic or full of poisons of some kind--whether it was gotten through eating certain foods, or any food craving. Purple Iris could help 'break' this cycle of dependence (emotional/unconscious).

PURPLE ASTER: Helps us allow the universe to carry us on its wave of support. It changes the feeling of pursuing a goal to feeling like you are drawn along with the flow of universal energy to the manifestation of the goal. It helps us release the sense that we have to force things to happen, while it shows us how we can allow ourselves to work in tandem with the Divine. Sometimes we may feel that we are all alone while we are working for the upliftment of humanity, that we are too small for such big work. Purple Aster fosters faith that we are one with the universe and will be carried and not lost out on our own. We find that we can trust in the divinity of the Self, and we find harmony with our work and our self-image.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE: Is a mind-body harmonizer. It clears away mental clutter and can help open a clogged third eye. Excellent for tapping into your clairvoyance abilities. Issues treated by Queen Anne's Lace include sensitivity, emotional upsets, and confusion. Good for grounded opening of sensitivities; improved vision -- physical, psychological, or psychic; and sexual integration, clarity, and boundaries.

RED CEDAR JUNIPER:Calm, steady, like a rock. Comforting. Helps one to feel secure, as though sitting in a beloved grandmother's lap. Gentle wisdom. Soothes the soul. Healing. Good for severe abuse/madness. Offers protection and hope.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN GLOBE MALLOW (Sphaeralcea sp.): For anger and intolerance that is directed inward. Good for focusing on and completing a specific task. Allows you to “cut through the crap” and see precisely what needs to be done. Helps to quell doubts about success of project. “I CAN do this, and I can do it NOW.”

ROCKY MOUNTAIN PENSTEMON:Gently shifts the way you view life. Soothing, comforting, good for an aching heart. Helps you to heal and move forward. Reminds you that life can be beautiful and inspires you to rediscover the beauty. Sense of decorum. Helps you to find and/or set boundaries.

ROSE – CULTURED AND WILD ROSE COMBINATION: Rose flower essences are wonderful, supportive allies which help us make it through tough times. They may also be keys to our healing, growth and evolution into more healthy, compassionate and loving human beings.

Cultured Rose: To assist with dissolving and releasing the remnants of old karmic energy, where the issues have been resolved, but a residue of the old energy still remains, like a shadow or a pattern. This residue is part of the legacy of the “old energy”, and must be released before we will be ready to move fully into the new reality of the “new energy”.

Wild Rose flower essence offers vitality to the soul that lacks motivation and looks at life as a hopeless venture. Remedy that will help get you on the right track when you are puzzled as to what to do next. Wild Rose helps the state of complete resignation to one's fate. Often, the changes are gradual, almost imperceptible at first. The person feels herself awakening, as after a deep sleep. At first the limbs are stiff, the mind fuzzy, but in time a sense of vitality returns, and a feeling of anticipation, as life again becomes worth living.

ROSEMARY Traditionally has been the flower of remembrance and friendship. Indicated for souls whose incarnation is weak or disturbed, as it is a strong etheric awakening remedy. May be helpful to enhance memory, relieve migraines, as a mood elevator, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and energy/immune booster. Can assist in cancer recovery.

ROUGH MENDORA (menodora scabra): Helps you realize your radiant inner beauty; self-acceptance in relation to personal appearance despite handicaps or blemishes. Calms the mind and lends strength to those feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of all the responsibilities that they have undertaken. Patterns of imbalance: Feeling ugly or rejected because of personal appearance or lack of accomplishments; over-identified with physical appearance or “earthly” matters.

RUSSIAN OLIVE - (Elaegnus angustifolia): For reawakening and expanding the memory. Russian Olive calms and renews your energy for the journey. Nervous Nelly describes the animal who is best helped with this remedy—timid, hyper, anxious, jumpy, easily startled, or generally fearful.

RUSSIAN SAGE: For feelings of abundance, lightness and joy radiating outward. Encourages expansiveness and self-worth. Helps us find where we are, where we need to go and a plan of action when events both internal and external leave us disoriented and lost in new territory.

SACRED DATURA: **OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SUMMER 2019** Facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a more comprehensive, visionary state. When appropriate, it supports us in letting go of a known or familiar reality, such as a relationship or job, without feeling threatened. It stimulates dreams, meditation, alignment to one’s inner guides and teachers, and to the inner divine sound. Used by indigenous peoples for healing and spiritual experiences. Opens clairvoyance, clairaudience; used in trance work. Tendency to go out of body too much may be a problem - if so, take with Tobacco essence.

SAGE Salvia officinalis (violet): Positive qualities: Drawing wisdom from life experience; reviewing and surveying one's life process from a higher perspective. Patterns of imbalance: Seeing life as ill-fated or undeserved; inability to perceive higher purpose and meaning in life events. Enables the Self to learn and reflect about life experience, particularly enhancing the capacity to experience deep inner peace and wisdom. This flower remedy addresses a natural distillation process which occurs as the healthy person ages. Throughout the course of life, trials and tribulations are placed in the soul’s path so that it can distill impurities and volatile emotions, reaching an evermore clarified and refined state. Through the aging process, the soul should be able to attain increasing inner stability and peaceful acceptance of its condition. If one is unable to experience this graceful maturation process, life events seem ill-fated and undeserved, without higher purpose or meaning. The Sage flower essence can be helpful during various life phases and transitions, when one needs to step back and consider the unfolding events of life. However, it is particularly indicated for advanced stages of the life biography, when the Self must learn to survey life experience, and to glean wisdom and insight. Through Sage, the soul comes more in touch with its own spiritual meaning and purpose, and thus acquires profound wisdom to heal and counsel others.

SCARLET GAURA (Gaura Coccinea): Takes us out of the individual mind by folding back a variety of portals to collective consciousness. Often very helpful for those who have trouble shutting down their thoughts. Aids in meditation. It's also extremely beneficial for those who want an ongoing electrical tonic for their crown and upper chakra realms.

SCARLET PENSTEMON (Penstemon barbatus): General penstemon: helps you to stay focused on your spiritual path. Scarlet Penstemon: for people who push life away who isolate themselves in negative feelings; for desperation, repulsion, doubt and discouragement.

SHAMROCK – WHITE CLOVER: For clarity, identity and life purpose. Shamrock activates the left brain. It aids practical and logical thinking such as mathematical abilities. Improves reflex responses to emergency situations. Helps compulsive gambling and people who habitually complain about bad luck. Puts us more in touch with our intuition. Opens the heart and throat Chakras. Releases knowledge about past lives, particularly concerning present day associates. Gives us increased clarity as well as a greater sense of self-identity and life purpose.

SILVER LEAF NIGHTSHADE: This is a powerful Essence! All about power itself, about owning your own power, and not letting others control you. It is used to assuage the fear and paralysis created by our minds that can keep us from owning our own power. Helps those who feel helpless and can't seem to speak out for themselves for whatever reason. Helps us in recognizing that we have the power to hurt as well as heal. Allows you to own your own power in any way, such as for magical purposes. This is a Power Flower!

SILVERWEED, CINQUEFOIL (Potentilla anserina): Silverweed helps us to live lightly in our bodies and on Earth, through moderation and self-awareness. When we become caught up in material concerns, we may lose contact with our higher purpose. We can lift our awareness through deep contact with the forces of nature and life to break through into higher levels of self-realization. Simplicity - Live lightly. Transform desires that over-indulge the senses and that keep you chained to matter and form. Raises consciousness and awareness and invite simplicity in all things.

SNAKEROOT: Ever see a young child fall down? Very often, they get right back up again unhurt -- a flexibility many an adult has envied. Snakeroot helps us regain that flexibility and resilience, and it is helpful to recover from any trauma.

SNAKEWEED: Powerful plant spirit that stops fears from consuming people. Good for confronting anxiety and panic attacks, claustrophobia, fear of flying, fear of any type (known or unknown by person). Where fear rules you and you cannot act appropriately, addresses any fear--especially confrontation with others.

SNAPDRAGON: Can be used to restructure the 5th Chakra and related musculature. Useful for headaches, toothaches, throat disorders (very good for this), and respiratory disorders. Re-aligns cranial plates, strengthens power of choice and telepathic sensitivity/ability. Helpful for speech problems -especially with children. For people who are dissatisfied with the way their life is currently going; "snappishness", quick to anger. Provides calmness and balancing.

Yellow: Good for physical discomfort and tension held in the jaw and mouth.

Pink: Lively, dynamic energy; healthy libido; verbal communication which is emotionally balanced

Red: For extreme discomfort and "mouth violence" such as verbal abuse, biting, etc. Great for humans and animals!

SPANISH/SCOTTISH BROOM: This essence helps one step into the divine flow of creation, into the divine consciousness of the mother Goddess. Promotes positive and optimistic feelings about future events; sun-like forces of action and connection in the world.

SPIDER PLANT: Can help reduce fears and anxiety about the future. It also inhibits internal chaos and increases greater mental order and harmony. Spider flower essence is great for clear sight, especially clearing your clairvoyant vision. Helpful when you feel blocked.

SPINACH: To strengthen one’s connection to Universal Love and God. For people who are wanting to feel Spirit, but have closed the door and are afraid they have lost the way. Use spinach to reconnect with your inner child. For simplicity; for stress and stress-related issues; for an overly- analytical state of mind; for childlike trust and contentment; for people who take themselves too seriously.

SPURGE: A flower essence for people who need to reclaim their shadow self. Includes people who are determined to “be positive” about everything, to the exclusion of their shadow side. For those who are accident-prone, going through a 'bad patch' and with a sense of powerlessness in their control over their own lives. Effective in alleviating the effects of cyclical misfortune and the consequent bitterness.

STATICE: Assists in holding stillness and centering when faced with a sense of urgency in transition. In situations of change and chaos, creates calm in decision-making. For changes in life, vocation, travel plans, survival issues. Keeps one centered while adapting to new and changing needs. Helps one to see that every trauma we suffer is really for our highest good, if only we could see this at the time!

STRAWBERRY AND WOODLAND STRAWBERRY: Helps you to separate your thoughts and feelings, which stops the emotionally charged tape loop. This allows the emotional center at the heart Chakra to operate independently from the brain, which in turn, supports the processes of clear thinking and authentic feelings. It is thought to be helpful for healers who absorb the energy of their clients, those that are psychically vulnerable. Separates thoughts from feelings so they can pass through your mind freely without turn into sticky emotions. Assists those that survived abuse and the emotions that are carried with it. Helps us realize our true inner worth and beauty.

SUNFLOWER: The essence of Sunflower strengthens the quality of individuality and brings balance to the process of soul activation on the physical plane. Sunflower helps attract and activate one’s unique spiritual potential in a centered way through the establishment of a grounded, nurturing connection to the earth. Issues treated by Sunflower essence include low self-esteem, pessimism, and addictive personality. The Sunflower shares its healing properties with the Sun, offering optimism and light. It is an uplifting remedy that boosts self-value. Sunflower possesses warming and compassionate healing properties. Emotional issues relating to the father or father figure. Helps to spiritualize the male ego and bring balance to the inner male and female. Opens and purifies the heart Chakra.

Flower essences from this family deal with themes of spiritual integration, wholeness, integrity and the development of the spiritual Self. For example, the Sunflower essence promotes a radiant sense of one’s individuality; Echinacea helps us to feel whole when we are “torn apart” by traumatic circumstances; Shasta Daisy develops our ability to integrateideas into a unified picture, and for this reason is used extensively by writers and other creative artists.

THISTLE: For people who feel out of place and alone, and don't know why or what to do about it. Assists in releasing negative emotions from the past, including past lives. Helps release toxic emotions so that they don't continue to circulate around and around through our hearts and minds.

TOBACCO (Kentucky Burley, Nicotiana Tabacum):

Tobacco flower essence is an amazing essence for grounding. It is particularly useful in strengthening the root chakra. Additionally, tobacco is a conduit for prayer and is a vehicle through which intentions can more effectively travel to the realm of the spirit world. Tobacco has been used for thousands of years for spiritual, healing and medicinal purposes. It is only in present-day society that tobacco has earned a reputation as a health risk, largely because the US industry starts with genetically modified tobacco and then adds over 600 intentional chemical additives to blended cigarettes. The beautiful pink flower used in this essence came from a plant which I grew organically from seed. I started it indoors last spring, and I had to move it in before first frost in October, as it was nowhere near ready to bloom. The first flower opened the day before the full moon of December 6, and the essence itself was made during the night of the full moon and completed the next day in the full sun. Thus, it contains sacred full moon properties in addition to its already powerful spiritual connection. Tobacco flower essence promotes physical and emotional well-being and can help you to connect with the rhythm of the earth. It is also useful for full moon manifestation ceremonies.

TULIP - RED: Red Tulip is used to provide grounding and centering to those who are too intensely seeking their spiritual path. Brings us out of our head and helps us to enjoy the journey rather than solely focusing on the end result. That calmness and joy allows us to more easily communicate with our spirit guides. Once we make contact, red tulip enables us to focus on the message(s) more easily, without worrying about a specific outcome.

TUMBLEWEED: The beautiful little flower of the otherwise prickly tumbleweed symbolizes that beauty can be found in even the harshest of surroundings. Tumbleweed can thrive nearly anywhere. Someone who is constantly on the move, especially if against his or her will, may feel displaced or ungrounded. Tumbleweed helps us to see that even though life may be sweeping us along, we can grow and thrive wherever we may land. Paradoxically, tumbleweed may be helpful for someone who has trouble leaving his or her home due to fear or agoraphobia. Tumbleweed allows one to appreciate the beauty outside one's own walls. Good for shyness and introversion. Helpful for breaking out of 'stuck' cycles and routines.

VETCH – BLUE, COW, OR TUFTED: To develop independence and self-confidence. This essence can stimulate many changes. It helps you to become your own person, to believe in yourself, your abilities and to love yourself and look after yourself. Instead of clinging to others it will help you to have more self-confidence. Your need to be protected by others will be shifted; it helps you think for yourself, make your own decisions, and become your own person. Supports assertiveness, strengthened boundaries, and saying no at the right time; especially good for those who are too gentle, nurturing and caring. Helps with spiritual independence and to let go of the need for a guru.

WATER LILY – PINK: “I AM the rebirth of love.” Helps us to rise above the pressures and demands of daily life which draw us into the depths of the material world, reconnect with Spirit and draw strength from this source deep within. Supports the healing of old sorrows and expansion of our hearts.

WILD IRIS - Iris setosa: Healing Qualities – opens awareness of our inherent creative potential; helps us recognize the beautiful expression of Divine creativity that we are; encourages us to share our inner beauty and creative energy freely with others. Indications – lack of belief in one's own capacity to create; blocking creative expression because of an unwillingness to share it with others; feeling disconnected from the source of one's creativity.

WILD YELLOW SNAPDRAGON: Positive qualities: Lively, dynamic energy; healthy libido; verbal communication which is emotionally balanced. Patterns of imbalance: Verbal aggression and hostility; repressed or misdirected libido; tension around jaws.

YARROW, GOLDEN: For solar plexus Chakra strengthening. Remaining open to others while still feeling inner protection; active social involvement which preserves the integrity of the Self. Patterns of imbalance: For outgoing people who are overly influenced by their environment and by other people; protecting oneself from vulnerability to others by withdrawal and social isolation.

YARROW, RED (PAPRIKA): Paprika yarrow is a purifying remedy and an especially potent blood purifier. It helps blood circulation and can spark activity in anyone experiencing lethargic tendencies. Immune booster. This essence is brilliant for the Root Chakra, helping to dissolve survival related issues as well as fears that one is "unworthy" of being on the planet unless one acts as a martyr for others to continually take advantage of. Also wonderful for those who fear their anger may be hurtful to others and so tend to suppress it. Can help stop your life force from being drained away or sucked up by "energy vampires" and helps to shield you from being "drenched" by energies that are not for your higher good. Helps you more easily weather dry cycles in your own life as well, continuing to blossom no matter what is happening.

YARROW, WHITE: For people who are sensitive to their environment and other people's emotions. It strengthens your energetic boundaries, leaving you more protected from unwanted emotional energy. Good for empaths and Leaky Aura Syndrome (LAS). Positive qualities: Inner radiance with a strong auric field, compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity, beneficent and flexible healing and psychic forces. Patterns of imbalance: Intense vulnerability to others and to the environment. Easily depleted, due to being overly absorbent of negative influences and toxic psychic energy. Perceiving that protection comes from outside self, rather than from within the self. The integrity of the aura has been compromised by injury, or trauma in this, or another lifetime.

YELLOW PEA, GOLDEN PEA, FALSE LUPINE: For the person anxiously facing choices they are not ready to make. For those who are trying to keep many activities going because they are unsure of which ones to focus on. For people anxious about the choices in front of them. There are times when they have to make a decision or choices about their life but are not in the position to do so wisely. It can be that they are young, inexperienced, amidst other crises, or unable to see the wood for the trees. With the enhancement of patience and a stilled mind, the person can make interim decisions, waiting for the right time, to read the flow of life correctly and make their move. Helpful to enhance the intuitive understanding of one's life direction.

YELLOW SWEET CLOVER: Good for nervousness, stress and tension/aggression. Sunny, carefree, helps one to feel like “Pollyanna” and see the glass half full instead of half empty. Helps you to look for the silver lining in every cloud, and if you can't find one, it's only temporary anyway. Sense of sweetness and peace.

YUCCA (Yucca glaura): For cleansing hatred from the body and soul. An excellent essence to help us when we experience indecisiveness, hesitation or fear in facing challenges. It provokes a unification of our will with our intention.


"Jan let me try spraying two of my dogs that have "issues" at our agility trial here in Boise this weekend. I was amazed!!!! Pixel, my little Corgi mix, that is usually stressed about meeting people and after a traumatic experience several years ago at a trial, was sitting calmly near the gate and interacting very nicely with people. Jazz, my wild child Aussie, was actually paying attention to me and not focusing on all the excitement around her." From Janet in Idaho