Fundraiser to help homeless in New Mexico

There are two specific people I am trying to help at the moment. One has just secured a part-time job at Lowes. However, he needs this month's rent ASAP, as it will take a couple of paychecks for him to be able to resume his rent payments. The second person is a senior citizen who refuses to go to a shelter, because they won't let her bring her cat. Last night was 12 degrees, and it's far too cold for anyone to be spending the night on the street! Any amount you donate will be put toward their rent, and you can choose any jewelry piece as a "reward" for your donation. All pieces are made by me unless it specifically says in the description that it is not. I will be adding pieces over the next few days, so please check back often to see if anything catches your eye! Thank you for helping out. With blessings and much gratitude!